Year-End Best Books Lists

It’s the end of the year (or is it the end of humanity? Three days to go, where are all the sick parties?), and that means the glorification of one of my favorite things in the world: THE LIST.

I love a good “best of” list, and none more so than the Best Books of the Year. Lists summarizing the year’s exceptional movies and TV shows usually function as the season’s postmortem, summarizing media inaccessible in the present moment. Say I’m convinced by a year-end roundup that I need to watch Homeland. It’s hardly easy for me to decide to watch marathon the first two seasons over the holidays (though I could see this changing quite a bit in the years to come). Books, though, are perfect nuggets of entertainment and inspiration that make perfect companions for the holiday break. And what better way to get excited for all that holiday reading than poring over glowing recommendations from my fellow impassioned readers?

With that said, here are a few of the lists I’ve been looking over in the past week, along with a blurb from the book I’m most likely to pick up first from the list: Continue reading