Two Heros and a Crush

It’s Friday — let’s swoon over some admirable folks!

  1. HERO: Sonia Sotomayor. I won’t shut up about her right now, because I am (still! Trying to savor it!) reading her memoir and realizing that she’s the insanely-accomplished woman-of-color mentor I never knew I needed. Not to the detriment of the strong women in my own life, starting with my own incredible mom, but I don’t think I realized in 2009 just how meaningful it was to see a daughter of immigrants (sorta — her parents were Puerto Rican, and so technically US citizens, but the cultural divide is the same) become a member of the highest, most powerful court in the nation. Also, how often do you hear a judge interviewed and immediately feel their warmth come through just as much as their sharp mind? From earlier this month, Justice Sotomayor on Colbert:

  2. HERO: Maya Rudolph. Mazel tov to Maya and her husband P.T. Anderson, who are expecting their fourth baby. My kudos could not be any more abundant. To celebrate Maya, one of my favorite SNL sketches ever, where she is Maya Angelou, hilariously pranking her respected compatriots:

    “I am the one who put a pie under the butt of Morgan Freeman.” I’m DYING!

  3. CRUSH: Mark Duplass (and Mindy, obviously!). Landslide, baby. Landslide.