iPhone 5 Case

I have a love-love relationship with my current iPhone case. I love its cheerful, graphic nature, and I love that it does an admirable job protecting my phone from the many, many times I’ve dropped it. I love how smooth and sleek the hardcase feels in my hand, and I love that it’s practically impossible to remove, as I’ve had more rubbery cases before that I would nervously pick on and off till they permanently fell off my phone in sheer exhaustion.

However, I have apparently started to love my phone into shabbiness. As you can see in the second photo, my case has begun to rub off at the edge corners, and there are also a few visible nicks in its gorgeousness from “wear,” aka my aforementioned tendency to drop my phone. I mean, better to hurt the pretty case than the pretty phone, right?

And so, I’ve started looking afield lately. But I’m a bit perplexed: there are SO many options out there nowadays, and while I would be fine sticking with my tried-and-true GelaSkins (which is where I got my current case, as well as my favorite iPhone 4 case and laptop cases), I figured it was high time to check out other options too.

There are some super cute things at Society6 (I’d never get this, but I ADORE that it exists!), but I’ve heard multiple reports that the quality is junky — lots of rubbing off and whatnot. But I do like that they have a huge variety, as I’m never sure what’s going to strike my fancy, and I prefer having lots of options to sift through till one just jumps out at me.

Some of these are gorgeous too (I guess I’m in a serious geometric pattern phase). But as the GelaSkins ones are about as much as I’d want to spend, these end up being a bit pricey, especially if no one I know can vouch for their quality. So I turn to you! What are your favorite case-makers, especially considering my need for a large variety, some seriously design-y options, print quality (no rubbing off!), and, of course, ability to actually protect one’s phone?

Usain (my phone) and I thank you in advance!


Holiday Gift Guides

I adore gift-giving. It’s shocking, really, from someone as selfish as I can be (I’m an only child! Not accustomed to sharing!), but I get so much joy out of figuring out what to get for a loved one that s/he will appreciate, but not have thought of for him or herself. So I let myself go a little crazy at Christmas, starting usually right after Thanksgiving.

But — besides the schadenfreude-laden glee that I get from reading Walmart-related tweets — I can’t stomach crazy Black Friday trips to the shops. There’s the pressure to grab-and-buy-and-grab-and-buy, there simply isn’t enough selection, and it’s rare to find a brick-and-mortar store that’s perfectly curated to my tastes. So, unsurprisingly, once I’ve gathered my list for the year, I turn to the internet for help.

And help it does! Gift guides are a very popular feature for blogs at the end of the year, because duh, these are my people, and having an opportunity to go into raptures about awesome stuff found in every crevice of the internet is pretty much nirvana.

I’m too late to do a gift guide of my own this year, but I thought, for those of you who are still searching for the ideal present, I’d do a quick roundup of some great guides that helped me this year. These are actual ones I used, so if you’re on my list and see something that you love, DO NOT BUY IT FOR YOURSELF. At least not till after Dec 25!

Happy gifting:

  • Design*Sponge’s gift guides, which are themed by both topic and price point, and absolutely chock full of exquisite, just-right things.
  • A Cup of Jo’s gift guide is targeted to specific people in Joanna’s life, but her thoughtful explanations of why each is a fitting gift will have you thinking of the folks in your life that would just love these things too.
  • Cool Hunting’s guide is a microcosm of exactly what the site is about: things that are insane, a bit superfluous, and sure to be appreciated by those folks that just get you.
  • Hammacher Schlemmer’s gifts are, yes, the ones from the SkyMall catalogue. This probably tells you all you need to know about me, but I think a lot of the things here perfectly skirt the line between ridiculous and useful, at least for my beloved friends and family. As it is, I’m mourning that our upstairs hallway’s walls are apparently not tall enough for the world’s largest write-on map mural!

(Photo courtesy of Design*Sponge’s jewelry gift guide. So sparkly!)