I fully realize I’m internet-shouting. I AM REAL LIFE SHOUTING TOO.

The best news of the month: no doubt encouraged by the success of both Netflix’s resurrection of Arrested Development and Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter-funded album, Rob Thomas and the cast of Veronica Mars have announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie.

I adore that this is the weird media landscape we live in now, where a great project that not enough people saw, but those who did grew veeeeeery passionate about, can get a new life due simply to enough willpower and gobsmacked media executives who are all looking for some way to monetize growing internet fanbases. And, oh shit yeah, it works.

I’m giving money towards this, and for those of you who saw and loved this TV show, I’m hoping you will too. If you never got to see it while it was on, please take this as my sincere recommendation to try an episode on Amazon or iTunes. And while you may not agree with everything I love (which is as it should be), please know I love Veronica Mars like I love Friday Night Lights, not like I love Top Model. Translation: this is not my idiosyncratic taste — this is a truly great piece of art, and the world can only be better with more of it.

So please give. You’ll get to see this face!

(Photo from Cinematic-Orchestra’s Tumblr)