So, I might not have updated about this, because it’s all happened so fast, plus it’s almost too crazy to type, but: we close on the house in a couple of weeks! I KNOW. It’s also going to be an incredibly busy time for us travel/work/family-wise, so sure, of course throw moving into and decorating a new house onto the pile! Whenever I feel paralyzed by the heaps of work awaiting us (so pretty much the WHOLE LAST MONTH), I just look up pretty things online, as if that alone is enough to make it happen. Related: as you can see on the sidebar, I did give in to Pinterest — my enabler!

My latest obsession, especially when thinking about the colossal amount of wall space we are going to have to paint, is wallpaper. Continue reading


Property Brothers

Very recently, Evan and I have embarked on the totally thrilling adventure that is buying our first family house, and as such, I’m finally publicly admitting how much HGTV we’ve been watching.  I mean, it’s research, right?   Continue Reading