Kids React to… Racists

While being too lazy to actually back up my claim here, I’m pretty sure at least 12% of what I post about here is sweet and funny kids making me cry. Or maybe that’s just the content of my internet browsing.

So either way, you’ve been warned! This is a video that will make you cry and laugh, and it’s NINE MINUTES. Now, listen to me: I can’t even watch piglets playing with kittens for a quarter of that (my kid’s really into both, so I’ve watched almost all of the baby animal videos on Youtube and am VERY AWARE of my patience levels with them). But I watched all of this and wanted to watch it again as soon as I finished.

So, curl up and get ready to want to kiss/hug/otherwise embarrass a bunch of sincere, smart, and as-of-yet-uncorrupted kids. And maybe keep the tissues close.


PS I’d like to say that as a kid, I was an Olivia, the eloquent, moved girl at the end (who seriously is like two years away from being a runway model, yes?), but of course, I was totally a Dylan, the goofy Asian kid who is already versed in the ways of sarcasm and mocking. “What is this country for? It’s something… starts with an E… oh! Equality, okay. So, why do you do that?” Preach, Dylan.


The Baby Bachelor

So this may be only the second-best Bachelor parody out there, but it provided both today’s guffaw-till-I-cry moment of the day* and the very real hope that my kid will be much easier to understand in just six months or so!


* Isn’t it weird how much we expect this now? Pre-internet, I feel like I had a laugh-till-my-stomach-hurt moment maybe once every two weeks or so, and now, it’s seriously daily. Have I grown much better at finding things that tickle my funny bone, or am I just supremely sillier than I used to be?

(Photo courtesy of Someecards)


I fully realize I’m internet-shouting. I AM REAL LIFE SHOUTING TOO.

The best news of the month: no doubt encouraged by the success of both Netflix’s resurrection of Arrested Development and Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter-funded album, Rob Thomas and the cast of Veronica Mars have announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie.

I adore that this is the weird media landscape we live in now, where a great project that not enough people saw, but those who did grew veeeeeery passionate about, can get a new life due simply to enough willpower and gobsmacked media executives who are all looking for some way to monetize growing internet fanbases. And, oh shit yeah, it works.

I’m giving money towards this, and for those of you who saw and loved this TV show, I’m hoping you will too. If you never got to see it while it was on, please take this as my sincere recommendation to try an episode on Amazon or iTunes. And while you may not agree with everything I love (which is as it should be), please know I love Veronica Mars like I love Friday Night Lights, not like I love Top Model. Translation: this is not my idiosyncratic taste — this is a truly great piece of art, and the world can only be better with more of it.

So please give. You’ll get to see this face!

(Photo from Cinematic-Orchestra’s Tumblr)

Two Heros and a Crush

It’s Friday — let’s swoon over some admirable folks!

  1. HERO: Sonia Sotomayor. I won’t shut up about her right now, because I am (still! Trying to savor it!) reading her memoir and realizing that she’s the insanely-accomplished woman-of-color mentor I never knew I needed. Not to the detriment of the strong women in my own life, starting with my own incredible mom, but I don’t think I realized in 2009 just how meaningful it was to see a daughter of immigrants (sorta — her parents were Puerto Rican, and so technically US citizens, but the cultural divide is the same) become a member of the highest, most powerful court in the nation. Also, how often do you hear a judge interviewed and immediately feel their warmth come through just as much as their sharp mind? From earlier this month, Justice Sotomayor on Colbert:

  2. HERO: Maya Rudolph. Mazel tov to Maya and her husband P.T. Anderson, who are expecting their fourth baby. My kudos could not be any more abundant. To celebrate Maya, one of my favorite SNL sketches ever, where she is Maya Angelou, hilariously pranking her respected compatriots:

    “I am the one who put a pie under the butt of Morgan Freeman.” I’m DYING!

  3. CRUSH: Mark Duplass (and Mindy, obviously!). Landslide, baby. Landslide.

Tom Haverford’s Food Slang

In honor of Galentine’s Day, here’s one of my favorite Parks and Recreation moments, courtesy of Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari).


It’s so amazing that it’s inspired its own website, Tom Haverfoods! Refresh for constant laughter!

And if it seems out of place for me to celebrate a (fictional) dude on Galentine’s Day, think again: as Tom’s apartment shows, he’s clearly a gal at heart.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Haverfoods)

(Really) Fake Girlfriends

What would lead a guy to create a fake girlfriend? I can hardly imagine the mindset you would have to be in to think that you could not only fool everyone around you, but truly fool yourself at the same time. But it obviously fascinates other, more artistic sorts who have grappled with portraying the concept. I SMELL A LIST: Continue reading

Hart of Dixie

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If I love something, I try to own it. The closest I get, though, are things that I legitimately love, but realize/expect that most everyone else whose opinion I respect will disagree with me.

Which is my preface to this fact: I’m totally friggin’ obsessed with Hart of Dixie. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer

December is the fastest month, not as measured by calendar days, but by the realization that the year is somehow almost over, for reals this time. Not to mention the rapidly-growing list of to-dos that need to be done before the holidays (later this week, I’m going to reveal my secret for accomplishing one of those quickly and gorgeously!), plus you need to find time for all the good stuff that comes out around this time of year: quality Oscar-bait movies, gingerbread lattes, the 94391242nd reshowing of It’s a Wonderful Life on TV.

So sometimes, it’s a bit of a relief to get excited about something that isn’t happening in the next 22 days. For me, that surge of excitement has crested every time I’ve seen a billboard like the one above, advertising the next season of Game of Thrones. It’s difficult to convince anyone to like something so clearly set in the world of fantasy, even if you tell them that it’s full of breathtakingly gorgeous shots, complicated characters, skilled acting, and (seriously, SO MUCH) sex & violence. So all I’ll do here is say that the Season 3 trailer/production diary came out today, and it is going to be AWESOME. The third book is most fans’ favorite, because everything (everything!!) happens. No book since then has kept up its breakneck pace, which is maybe a relief actually, and the question now is whether the third season will keep up with it. This trailer, while not really showing that much, is still very promising!


(Photo courtesy of Daily Billboard)