90 Days, 90 (well, 94) Reasons


I am finally emerging from the maelstrom of activity that has made up my last three weeks: I’m sitting in a different house now, on the other side of the (successful, thank god) conference that has consumed my last two months, and trying to reconcile the huge child that lives in my new house with the still-babyish girl we left with grandma a week ago. I stared at Zoe intently this morning, trying feverishly to memorize her new curves and angles, while expressions wholly foreign to me passed over her face (those two above? I’d never seen them before this morning!). C’mon, seriously? It was only A WEEK. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride in the dark, and this was a huge, stomach-churning drop.

Of course, while I’ve been reflecting on my new little world, we are also in a time of giant change in our greater world. Hurricane Sandy has brought many lessons to the forefront, and will continue to do so as we slowly begin to gain some perspective on it. For me, what it has illustrated is how vulnerable we truly are in our little homes, our little power grids, our little cars. But I don’t find that individual vulnerability particularly alarming; instead, I take it as a reminder of how much we all really need one another. In the last week, I’ve been so heartened to see and hear how folks everywhere have been stepping up to help and support one another. We forget this in our busy individual lives, but we all depend in some way on the goodness of other people in our communities, in our country, and in our world.

I can’t stop time for Zoe, and I can’t deny this: every day, she grows incrementally less a part of me, and more a part of the world. All I can try to do is my part in ensuring that it’s a world where decision-making is rooted in the values of helping out the less fortunate, respecting others’ personal decisions, and freely pursuing knowledge. That’s the world I want to raise my girl to be a part of, and that’s my reason for voting for Barack Obama. What’s yours?


Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Tools

We visited our new house for the final walkthrough today! It was the first time that we saw it without the sellers’ furniture, and it was incredibly exciting to imagine what the rooms are going to look like with our things in them.

As we walked around, I found myself especially daydreaming about what the walls are going to look like. Paint and wallpaper are so powerful in setting the feel of a room, whether you want it to be soothing or impactful, cheery or cozy. So since we can’t get in there and start painting yet, I’ve gone completely bonkers over online paint tools in the meantime.

Right now, I’m all about Chip It, Sherwin-Williams’ tool where you give them a photo whose colors you like or find inspirational, and they tell you what paint colors match the picture. Then you pop over to their Color Visualizer and you can look at that color (or related ones) in sample rooms to see how they look.

Without it, I never would have realized how cozy a dark bathroom might be:

Or how fun a juicy coral could be for Zoe’s room:

I can hardly wait to make some of these into reality. Play around, let me know what your favorites are!

Bonus link: TinEye’s Multicolor Search, one of my favorite color-inspiration tools. It goes the other way from Chip It: you provide the colors (and in what proportion), and it provides Flickr pictures that match those colors. Breathtaking!


So, I might not have updated about this, because it’s all happened so fast, plus it’s almost too crazy to type, but: we close on the house in a couple of weeks! I KNOW. It’s also going to be an incredibly busy time for us travel/work/family-wise, so sure, of course throw moving into and decorating a new house onto the pile! Whenever I feel paralyzed by the heaps of work awaiting us (so pretty much the WHOLE LAST MONTH), I just look up pretty things online, as if that alone is enough to make it happen. Related: as you can see on the sidebar, I did give in to Pinterest — my enabler!

My latest obsession, especially when thinking about the colossal amount of wall space we are going to have to paint, is wallpaper. Continue reading