Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winner

I’m hardly alone here; everyone who hears anything about Jennifer Lawrence and her snappy, down-to-earth, bawdy hilariousness loves her. And if you don’t, move right along, I don’t serve your type here.

But what’s so easy to forget in her pro attitude and incredible actressing is that she’s still only 22, and while that may mean she’s been damn close to indefatigable (even with pneumonia!) during what must be an incredibly draining awards season publicity blitz, it also means that for her health and sanity, I’m delighted to say: it’s all over, J.Law! You won, now go home and sleep for a month or two. And delight in the following:

We certainly do!

PS for those who haven’t experienced her unique brand of awesome quite yet, here is Vulture’s recurring series, This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes; her amazing post-Oscars mid-interview meeting with Jack Nicholson (warning: autoplay on that video, ew); and the phenomenal, GIF-laden Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes of 2012 from Buzzfeed.

PPS That lady in the row behind J.Law is cracking my shit up. I adore a well-placed eyeroll!

(Photo courtesy of E! Online)


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