The Death of Ombré

Being obsessively into things necessarily means that there are also things I abhor just as passionately. I try not to focus on those too much, because who likes being a hater all the time? But now that this recent Buzzfeed roundup of trends that died in 2012 has declared the end of dip-dye (#8) and ombré (#9), I’m relieved to not have to keep silent any longer!


I don’t know if it’s because it violates my need for containment and structure (flipside: my love of stripes!), but ombré just kills me with its deliberate sloppiness.

Whether it’s in home decor (seriously, it looks like someone peed on that radiator and it’s veeeeery slowly spreading):


Or (UGH UGH UGH) hair:

It’s the worst, especially when it befalls the otherwise adorable. Now, my relief isn’t total: just because a single death knell has been sounded doesn’t mean it’ll go away all at once. I’d anticipate at least six months before we stop seeing it QUITE so much. But since ombré’s day in the sun has been going strong for at least two years, there must be something else we can all turn our collective attention to now, right? Maybe a good color blocking, as the article suggests? I CAN ONLY HOPE.

PS my favorite instant-classic haters-related animated GIF:

PPS when I was looking up the creator of that gif, I also found the pretty amazing website he made for his cat, because… of course.

(Photo credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5)


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