Paper Culture

Psst! Want to know a secret to make holiday planning just one iota easier?

One of my most dreaded chores in life is writing out holiday cards. I love getting mail and sending it, but honestly, it’s such a painful process for me to choose and order cards, purchase postage, make a recipient list, gather addresses, write out names and possibly a short message, seal all of them, address and stamp envelopes, and then find a post box. After all that, I’m as far as I could be from the holiday spirit, especially during the anticlimactic drive/walk home from the post box.

So until recently, I hadn’t sent cards for a number of years. But last year, for our first Christmas with Zoe, I realized that it would be very sweet to send out a few photos of her for our family and friends who don’t get to see her much, especially those who aren’t often online. And once I dipped my toe into the world of modern stationery, guys, WOW: there are a million gorgeous holiday card options. It was initially so hard to decide among them — the festive-but-clean look of a perfect photo with some lovely typography is ubiquitous, and you can’t see the quality of the cardstock online.

But thinking about my aforementioned card-sending procedure and the subsequent breaking out into hives led me to the most pain-free and genius option: Paper Culture. Like the others, they feature lovely card options, and the price is on target, but what gives them the edge by a long shot for me? For only the price of postage, they will MAIL YOUR CARDS FOR YOU. I may have wept in joy when I found them.

So you create a proof with photos and text, load in your names and addresses (including your own so you can have a keepsake!), hit send and then, POOF, you’re done! No stamps, no trips to the post box, and for me, who always remembers a few people after I’ve already send the first batch, it’s super easy to resend to extra folks. It was a lifesaver last year, and if possible, was even better this year. Since I already had an account with them, Paper Culture kept my addressees from last year. Hence, all I had to do was review, make any updates, and I was done! Dreaded holiday foe conquered!

Four business days later, I had a gorgeous card in my mailbox, and a holiday task crossed off my list — hooray, now I can get to the rest of the things on there: namely, eating all the gingerbread in Los Angeles County.

For the curious, our card this year:

And last year:

Holy arm rolls!!

PS Paper Culture also plants a tree with every order you place with them, to which you can customize a dedication.

(Top photo courtesy of Joyce Mason)


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