Mint M&Ms

Part of what makes the holiday season so great is the seasonal treats. It’s also something that we can all delight in, regardless of beliefs or crotchetiness (which, wow, is totally a word, huh.) levels. I’m sure there is someone out there who detests gingerbread houses and pumpkin lattes, but our paths have thankfully not yet crossed.

The treat I’m most looking forward to this season is the glorious Mint M&M… or more accurately, 492804325 of them, which is how many I consumed last year. Incredibly, I didn’t even know about their existence before last year, so I’m really just making up for lost time here. I’m pretty sure they’ve begun stocking these in the stores now, so here’s hoping that Evan is really into ladies with an extra 10 pounds and extremely fresh breath!

In a similar mint-chocolate vein, I picked up a box of these gorgeous treats at TJs the other day — no Mint M&M or anything, but they’re still pretty irresistible.

What other holiday indulgences should be on my list?

(Top photo courtesy of The Stephen Mosher Blog, bottom photo courtesy of Chow Chaser)


2 thoughts on “Mint M&Ms

  1. I agree that TJs is always worth it — I live by a bunch of them, which is the only thing that keeps me from buying up the whole store (as opposed to just half of it!): I say, “calm down, you can always come back.” If it was a ways away, I might have to drive two cars there!

    Ooh, where has the best peppermint bark? I’ve only had it once or twice, and don’t remember it being a standout, but, strictly in the name of fairness, I would be happy to try some more!

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