Key & Peele

Think back to the 2008 election. Even before we knew who was going to win the presidential election, there was a weird, kinda fickle, but very real worry about the exit of President Bush.


Specifically, I remember lots of musing about what the hell Jon Stewart would talk about any more, as if the only use our modern mirror on the ridiculousness of US politics and news media had was as a foil for George W. Bush.

So that worry never really panned out: partly because there’s still ridiculous shit happening every day in both politics and news media, as there will be till the end of time, and partly because, though good comedy often seems effortless, there actually is professional skill involved in being funny.

As we all wake up today — either excited or disappointed, but hopefully eager to move on from a divisive election season — let’s just remember that political comedy? It’ll be all right.

Especially as long as my third- and fourth-favorite* biracial folks, Key & Peele, exist:



* Evan noted last night how happy he is that Zoe (favorite) will be old enough to remember Barack (second-favorite) as president. I believe so strongly in the importance of my girl seeing someone who has a similar mixed-race and mixed-culture background represented in our country’s highest office. Thanks, America.

(Photo courtesy of People)


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