The Last Name Project

Most folks who know me know that Phoenix is not my original last name. It’s fairly obvious when you see me, given that I’m 100% Asian. But I’m guessing that a lot of acquaintances assume I’m married, which I am, and that I took my husband’s last name, which… is partly true. Evan and I do share a last name, but that name isn’t one that either of us had before we married.

Instead, we made a choice that really fit both of our personalities and our relationship: we both changed our last name to something completely new.

Like I said, many of you already know this. Since it’s still a fairly new scenario, we get asked about it a lot, and have told the story many times in the 6+ years since we wed. But when I heard about The Last Name Project, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to tell our story in a bit more depth, especially my answer to the question that I can tell people want to ask sometimes, but don’t: “But why wouldn’t you want to change your name to his?”

Well, my answer, and our story have been published today, so get thee over to The Last Name Project to check it out! I so enjoyed telling our story, and also really loved reading about all the different choices that others in the series have made as well — really thought-provoking.

If, like me, you can’t get enough, be sure to check out the project’s co-hosts The Feminist Mystique and From Two To One.


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