Ridiculous Paul Ryan Photos

Let me preface this post by saying that I don’t normally talk about politics publicly, which is true. The fact that I don’t though, can imply to some that I’m disaffected or apolitical, which is patently false. Even for those who feel pretty strongly, like myself, there can be a great value in keeping one’s political affiliations private. It’s rarely relevant to any conversation and usually just sparks frustrating, pointless arguments.

Then why change now? Well, hell: it’s less than a month till a US presidential election — the period of time when our national interest in politics peaks, and political culture becomes our only culture. There’s too much amazing political stuff out there right now that can’t be ignored, and so I’m officially declaring a moratorium on social tact. Come Nov 7, maybe I’ll go back to chatting about Jemima Kirke’s (topless, fyi) pregnancy pictures vis-a-vis “the cool girl” phenomenon. But for now, here’s the lowdown:

  • I’m an unapologetic Barack Obama supporter.
  • I’ll probably post a few obsessions from now till Election Day that derive from that perspective.
  • The first of those things is these insane shots of Paul Ryan in full douchetastic workout mode.
    Note: these are real, undoctored, and for Pete’s sake, in TIME, an ostensibly serious national publication! Yes, they were taken in Dec 2011, well before Ryan was announced as the potential next vice-president, but c’mon, he was still a high-profile figure in national politics at the time.

How can anyone take this guy seriously? I look at him, and all I see is The Todd…

…though the internet may disagree.

(Top three photos courtesy of TIME, fourth courtesy of the Scrubs Wiki, bottom photo courtesy of The Midnight Review)


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