So, I might not have updated about this, because it’s all happened so fast, plus it’s almost too crazy to type, but: we close on the house in a couple of weeks! I KNOW. It’s also going to be an incredibly busy time for us travel/work/family-wise, so sure, of course throw moving into and decorating a new house onto the pile! Whenever I feel paralyzed by the heaps of work awaiting us (so pretty much the WHOLE LAST MONTH), I just look up pretty things online, as if that alone is enough to make it happen. Related: as you can see on the sidebar, I did give in to Pinterest — my enabler!

My latest obsession, especially when thinking about the colossal amount of wall space we are going to have to paint, is wallpaper. Unlike many of my peers, I didn’t grow up with antiquated peeling floral wallpaper, so my only exposure to it is the amazing ways it’s shown up in modern design (akin to how I never ate Brussels sprouts as a kid, so I never had to get over any stigma before falling head over heels in love with them as an adult). For our house, I’ve been eyeing using wallpaper for an accent wall or two, or maybe even just inside a door, or as a single vertical panel. So many gorgeous wallpapers, but before I get too far down the rabbit hole, am I being just crazy? Is it really insane to put up, and maybe later to take down? Should I start seriously investigating removable wallpapers?

Some of my recent inspirations (you’ll notice, my tastes are showing themselves to be similar to my wall paint tastes — mostly cool or light):

Okay, that settles it: if anyone needs to find me over the next month or three, just check the archives of The Wallpaper Collective, and follow my drool trail!

PS in that last photo, the BOOKSHELVES are the wallpaper!!

(All photos linked to their sources.)


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