New Music via Spotify and IFTTT


I love music — not all music, because honestly, people who say, “I listen to everything!” are pretty damned suspect. While I have specific tastes, I also love ingesting new music at a fairly heady clip, to constantly enrich my ongoing in-head soundtrack. For me, there’s no worse feeling than being in a music rut… except possibly the sour funk of being between books (or, horrors, in the soggy middle of a terribly uninspiring book).

Anyway, the dawn of Spotify has been personally monumental. They offer a semi-restricted free version, but I almost immediately upgraded to the $10/month Premium version, which means that almost anything that I ever want to try to listen to is a quick search and click away. AMAZING.

Okay, but how to find new stuff without constantly scouring music blogs and the review sections of magazines? Here’s my secret: my favorite make-life-easier site, IFTTT (If This, Then That), which so aptly is subtitled “Put the internet to work for you.” IFTTT is magic, and makes awesome stuff happen. See here:

This IFTTT recipe takes info from an RSS Feed of all new albums coming out on Spotify, and emails them to me, along with info as to what genre it is. So now I have an email folder filled with info about all the new albums that just came out, and I can spend the day trying them out on Spotify to find out what I like.

Completely life-changing, and all it cost me was the $10/month Spotify Premium account (so worth it anyway, c’mon), and a free sign-up for IFTTT. And that brings me to my new favorite song of the week (video above), courtesy of the adorable new Brit band Alphabet Backwards and two of my favorite internet tools.


2 thoughts on “New Music via Spotify and IFTTT

  1. I actually didn’t realize that! I used Rhapsody a number of years ago, when they were still part of RealNetworks, but wasn’t as interested in finding lots of new music back then, and my usage died out after a month or two.

    I’d love to see what they offer in terms of tracking new music — can you share the link / process?

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