The League & The Most Ridiculous Game Ever

Hilarious comedians, football subject matter, and the dirtiest trash talk on TV. Yes, The League is as awesome as the guy in your office keeps insisting.

And look, they’re relevant too!

For those either living under a rock or deliberately antagonistic to any sports news, the ridiculous game I’m referencing. PS what this guy said right after the game ended…

totally came to pass. Okay, maybe it’s not a million dollars per game, but you know their phones started ringing just as soon as the moment pictured above happened!

Anyway, The League: it’s so loose and unassumingly hysterical that it almost feels like a web series that’s somehow made it to TV, or like something that your silly-ass friends got together and made. Plus, the quotables: “to the cloud!” “Eskimo brothers” “Ol’ Smoke Crotch” — amazing.

If you want to catch up before the next season begins, the first two seasons are available on Netflix streaming!

Or just catch up with this quick guide (though it’s so weird that they just show a still image but play the audio):


(Photo courtesy of TARNATION! Sports)


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