Good Grammar

I have been hesitant to post about my love of good grammar, because:

  • Making any statement about the importance of grammar positions me as someone who thinks her own grammar is completely flawless, which is definitely not true. I know that I’ll never have all the rules down pat, but it’s a process, and I really enjoy learning from my mistakes.  (Yes, this is an invitation to find my mistakes and rub my nose in them — do it!)
  • Honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing. I am hereby admitting that my appreciation of clean, grammatically correct writing runs so deep that it can give me the shivers sometimes to read a piece of prose that’s both perfectly expressed and meticulously executed. Seriously: SHIVERS.

So why have I ultimately chosen to come out of the grammarian closet? Because, folks, the mistakes are everywhere! Incorrect grammar, spelling, and punctuation used to be limited to the low-hanging fruit of B movies and Asian restaurant menus. But now, I give you: the internet. The same tool that has recast the lack of rigor in writing as a time- and space-saver also provides a satirical mirror on the widespread misuse of language, and oh ho! It. Is. WIDESPREAD. So for your enjoyment and mortification, a link roundup of truly terrible grammar.

Spoiler alert: nary a shiver here.

So start putting some thought in what you say, dear internet. I will literally French kiss every person who correctly deploys an apostrophe this week!

(Photo courtesy of the consistently amazing Someecards)


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