Les Misérables

I’ve always been obsessed with musicals. My mom took me to see shows from an early age, and I quickly fell in love with it all: the catchy tunes, witty lyrics, and above all, the thrill of pure (melo)drama that’s so strong that, at its best, actually leads you to believe that a character has no other option than to simply burst into song. So it’s no surprise that while I’ve loved many a show over the years, I often return to Les Misérables, one of the most epic, consuming stories ever set to song. I’m not picky about my Les Miz intake either: the stage show is breathtaking, but as some of my college roommates know all too well, I’m even satisfied with constant rewatches of the taped 10th anniversary performance, where the show wasn’t even staged fully, and the actors simply walked up to a microphone and sang their parts. Chills, still.

So obviously I’ve been ALL OVER any news about the new Les Miz movie coming out this fall. I don’t generally get all bent out of shape about the horrors of movie casts compared to how the source material’s written, but in this case, I took particular pleasure in how on-the-nose the casting is. When the first trailer came out, I watched it about 329,143 or so times (as I noted here!). In just a few minutes, it perfectly interlaced the pure emotion, personal struggle, and epic revolutionary spirit. At the time, I didn’t know how they accomplished that, but I didn’t care: I was 100% in.

Well, today, they’ve released an extended first look video that explains a bit of how they’ve achieved that feel. Turns out, they’ve set little earbuds in the actors’ ears so that, while filming, they are actually reacting to music, and also singing live with it. I’ve never thought too much about how movie musicals get made, but I guess the way they used to do it makes sense. But given the difference that it seems to make here, will it be live singing from here on out? Let’s hope! Take a look and let me know what you think. Who’s going to be in line with me come December?

PS I apparently love lines, since I’ll be in line for my iPhone 5 tomorrow, but that’s another post!

PPS This video quality is terrible, but for anyone who loves Les Miz as much as me and doesn’t mind fabulous gay stylists (which, hi, A=B there) — a TOP FIVE REALITY SHOW MOMENT. Brad Goreski, you lucky bastard. Special bonus at 1:23!

(Photo from People)


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