Bacon Number

Have you guys seen this? You know the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game that’s whiled away many a long car ride? Google has finally gotten into the game! Put in any actor’s name after Bacon Number, and Google will tell you how many degrees separate him or her from Kevin Bacon.

It simultaneously makes the game not fun at all and compulsively even MORE fun, as you try to figure out how to get a relatively high Bacon number with super-obscure actors. You also get reminded of all these insane movies that have been part of Kevin Bacon’s career!

We know quite a large number of actors, and we still could only name TWO actors that garnered a number higher than 2… and we had to go to the advent of cinema: Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn both get 3s.

Is anyone actually outside the Six Degrees? A hint…

(Top photo courtesy of Mustache Hunting (ha!); bottom photo courtesy of Wikipedia)


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