The House

O. M. G. Are you ready for this?  I feel shaky even just typing it: we are officially in escrow on a house! (PS not the one above. I just thought it was a good time to reflect on how much I love the color grey.)

Evan and I have always typically moved fast on things, and this was no exception: we saw 12-15 houses in a week or two (a lot of them blend together), including the one we eventually put in an offer on.  We liked it a lot initially, but it was a smidge out of our price range, and we hadn’t seen enough houses at that point to really make an informed decision.  Cut to a week later, when we’ve seen a bunch of houses that are just okay (and a few ridiculous houses / great stories), and our realtor enthusiastically informs us that the price on that house, the one that has been stuck in the back of my mind, has been dropped significantly — rumor has it that the sellers have found their next place, and have grown ever eager to sell.  So we visit it again with new eyes, and everything is looking aces, and we’re already seeing where our furniture will go, and what we will place in that little alcove, and what we will fix in the five-year plan, and omg, stop us before it’s too late, because before then is a mound of paperwork.

So we submitted an offer and were expecting to wallow in the sweet excruciation of not knowing your life’s fate for a while… but no one apparently told our crack realtor and mortgage broker, and so, this morning, practically before the coffee had even hit my synapses, we received word: our offer has been accepted!  A mere two months after bidding a final adieu to our much-beloved loft, we are in the process of becoming homeowners again.  It’s a bit of a whirlwind, but it feels so right, and now I’ve set to the business of biting my nails hoping that the various inspections go well, not to mention a smooth escrow process and quick move (ugh, I hate packing and moving so).

And then, the fun, completely overwhelming part: painting, arranging, and decorating a house!  Our house!  Off to scour about five million design blogs now… is this going to be an awesome or insane time for me to join Pinterest?

Maybe don’t answer that.

And a preview photo for good luck: Zoe patiently waiting in the house while Evan and I are measuring walls and double-checking light fixtures. Hooray!

(Top photo courtesy of CB2)


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