Parks and Recreation

It took me a while to cotton onto Parks and Recreation, even though I am an avid watcher of pretty much everything else on NBC Thursdays.  It seemed too low-key, too boring.  But I kept hearing how funny and heartfelt it was, and so I gave it a try by marathoning the first two seasons on Netflix last summer…  and guys? Pretty sure it’s my favorite comedy on the air now (just edging Community and The League). Season 4 is back on Sept 20 (13 days!), but till then, a few tidbits to tide fellow P&R lovers over:

  • Re-familiarize yourself with the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
  • Season 3 Bloopers and Extras (11+ min, but worth it!):
  • Drunk Ron Swanson Dancing (for some insta-cheer, I like to use MaxGif on it and leave it open in a tab at work)
  • Tom Haverfoods (keep refreshing for maximum greatness)
  • Most of the above are for those who already love Parks and Rec.  If you have no idea what I’m going on about, but think you might like the show, a small snippet for you below:

Of course, all of this is also to distract from and cheer myself up about this.  Amy, Will: as you navigate what’s to come, just be sure to TREAT YO SELF.

(Photo courtesy of Seat 42F)


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