Butterscotch Pudding

Have you ever tried this glorious concoction? I just made a reservation for dinner at Jar next week, and the part I’m most looking forward to is dessert! I’ve been there once before, for my birthday, and I ordered the butterscotch pudding on a whim. As soon as I tasted the first bite, I realized that:

  1. I would associate Jar with this pudding for the rest of my life.
  2. This is my favorite dessert. Ever. Seriously.

Of course, it’s a bit of an expensive fixation (somehow, alternating it with the Butterscotch Budino at Mozza doesn’t bring the price down…), so in anticipation of my post-Jar butterscotch obsession renewal, I’ve started looking at butterscotch dessert recipes. Okay, fine, I’m looking at the butterscotch dessert pictures, and sorta skimming the recipes. Can you blame me?

What are your favorite butterscotch recipes?  Is there one that’s especially good for someone who never ever cooks or bakes?  Or, even better: are there cheaper places to get my butterscotch fix in LA?  My mouth is watering in anticipation!

(Photo courtesy of Jar)


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