Schmidt ❤ GOOP ❤ Schmidt!

This isn’t new news by any means, but I was so glad that New Girl has returned in all its full Schmidtty glory that I was doing a quick google search on Max Greenfield. When I saw the link that I’m about to share with you, I had to read it five times in a row just to be sure that it was real. I’M STILL NOT SURE. Is this an elaborate hoax??? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Because if it is real: So. Awesome.

I give you Max Greenfield – Guest Editor of GOOP — yes. YES!!!!

GOOP! GOOP, where Gwyneth Paltrow sells $500 sweaters covered in heart patterns! GOOP, where Gwyneth suggests $1850 watches and $1395 WEEKEND BAGS as Christmas gifts for her and him, respectively!! GOOP, where she calls Jay-Z “Mr. Carter”!!

Oh god bless you, Gwynnie. I’m still not sure if Schmidt’s GOOP Guide (I made that up, but c’mon, that name is great — rolls off the tongue!) is somehow part of Greenfield’s Schmidt performance (you never know — he apparently made a Schmidt workout video and then actually went and taught a spin class in person after that) or genuine, but either way: perfection.

(Photo courtesy of Uproxx)


Jennifer Garner on Ellen

Y’all… she’s just adorable.


PS a trailer for Argo just came on, and now I can only see Ben Affleck with that swoopy hair and… WONDER SPERM.

PPS Ellen really gets the cutest interviews: remember the one where Kristen Bell gets a sloth?


Adorable, I tell you!

Good Grammar

I have been hesitant to post about my love of good grammar, because:

  • Making any statement about the importance of grammar positions me as someone who thinks her own grammar is completely flawless, which is definitely not true. I know that I’ll never have all the rules down pat, but it’s a process, and I really enjoy learning from my mistakes.  (Yes, this is an invitation to find my mistakes and rub my nose in them — do it!)
  • Honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing. I am hereby admitting that my appreciation of clean, grammatically correct writing runs so deep that it can give me the shivers sometimes to read a piece of prose that’s both perfectly expressed and meticulously executed. Seriously: SHIVERS.

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Les Misérables

I’ve always been obsessed with musicals. My mom took me to see shows from an early age, and I quickly fell in love with it all: the catchy tunes, witty lyrics, and above all, the thrill of pure (melo)drama that’s so strong that, at its best, actually leads you to believe that a character has no other option than to simply burst into song. So it’s no surprise that while I’ve loved many a show over the years, I often return to Les Misérables, one of the most epic, consuming stories ever set to song. I’m not picky about my Les Miz intake either: the stage show is breathtaking, but as some of my college roommates know all too well, I’m even satisfied with constant rewatches of the taped 10th anniversary performance, where the show wasn’t even staged fully, and the actors simply walked up to a microphone and sang their parts. Chills, still.
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Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Part 2)

I love Adam Scott. There was a time when I was simultaneously mainlining old seasons of Parks and Recreation and the sadly-departed Party Down, and I realized that if I didn’t slow down, I would start having dreams about that adorable little hedgehog (™ Pajiba)*.

But since Parks and Recreation premieres tomorrow, and with it, one of the best and most functional relationships on TV (Leslie + Ben = Nerd Love 4Eva!), I couldn’t help but indulge my obsession a bit with this little morsel of hilarity.

Ice Ice Baby, an official exegesis, as brought to you by the bewildered and sarcastic Mr. Scott:
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Internet Side Projects

One of my favorite things about the current State of the Internet is how people that we already know from other media, who we suspect are creative and insightful beyond their restrictive public roles, use the internet as a tool to supplement their personas.  It can be as simple as being engaging on Twitter, which you can argue is how Ashton Kutcher kept himself relevant in the five years between the (long-overdue) death of That ’70s Show and Two and a Half Men.  But way more interesting, in my book, is when these public figures actually remind you that they’re artists (well, some of them), and use the medium of the internet as an outlet for creative expression and collaboration. Continue reading