Property Brothers

Very recently, Evan and I have embarked on the totally thrilling adventure that is buying our first family house, and as such, I’m finally publicly admitting how much HGTV we’ve been watching.  I mean, it’s research, right?  The slightly embarrassing bit here though is how long we’ve been HGTV addicts.  We bought our beloved loft in 2009, and discovered the joys of House Hunters while we were in the thick of it back then.  Though the obsession died down a bit after our close, it’s always been our first choice for light comfort TV, and with our current situation, we’ve steadily built back up to our 2009 levels.

Of course, not all HGTV shows are created the same, and for every Million Dollar Rooms (so sycophantic and in this economy, so jarring), there’s a gem like Property Brothers.  It’s definitely gimmicky, but for me at least, the gimmick totally works.  It’s your standard property-buying show mashed up with a property-renovation show, except, bingo, the realtor and contractor are twin brothers!  Who not only have an easy, hilarious rapport with each other and the buyers, but also look like this:

I mean, come on, right?  Canadian charm + brotherly joking + house-renovation porn + indignant buyers (there’s always a segment where they show them an insanely perfect property and then reveal that it’s way too pricey, thus pushing them towards a fixer-upper) = amazeballs TV.  If only they traveled to Los Angeles!

What other shows would fill the houseporn-shaped hole in my heart?

(Photos courtesy of Cineflix Productions)


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